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There are loads of picspams of David Tennant looking pretty, right? I've done one or two myself. But our Doctor is so much more than a pretty face. So I've put together a tribute to the Tenth Doctor's TWISTY FACE OF DOOM. You know what I'm talking about. There's at least one per episode, sometimes several.


"Smith and Jones"

Look out Martha! This twisty-faced stranger is just getting warmed up.

"The Shakespeare Code"

Shouty twisty face!

Semi-twisty with hand gestures!


"Daleks in Manhattan"

Twisty face down a HOLE, yo!

Twisty Face of Disbelief!

Twisty Face of Bitch Please!

"Evolution of the Daleks"

Twisty Face of Oh Noes!

Twisty Face gonna getcha

I put this PRETTY cap in for those of you who may be suffering from twisty-face-fatigue at this point, for a nice wee break.

Back to the twisty. There's plenty more to come. /o\

"The Lazarus Experiment"


Twisty Face of PAAAAIN!!!

Gosh, that was a very twisty-faced episode.

"Human Nature"

This is all there is from this ep. Is John Smith not capable of the twistiness of the Doctor?

"Family of Blood"

Let's see...

I take it back. John Smith does himself proud:


Barely twisty at all. This is all we get from Blink:

More of a Twisty Face of 'you poor bastard'.


But in the next ep Ten is back on form.

He saves his twistiest face of all for The Master.

"The Sound of Drums"

Notice Jack is not twisty at all? Maybe he's worried it will give him wrinkles.

I'm fairly certain this one would be a lot twistier if it weren't for the prosthetics.

"The Last of the Time Lords"

"Voyage of the Damned"

If you need some pretty after all that, I suggest either my David Tennant wearing glasses picspam, or some of the fine picspams on offer at [livejournal.com profile] tennant_love.
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