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The other day [livejournal.com profile] china_shop and I re-enacted some scenes from BSG with llamas and toasters. Yes, that's right. These things happen when you have time on your hands, and more than one toaster. And... more than one llama.

Warning: contains season three spoilers. It's the Kara/Leoben scenes from the first four episodes of season three.

In an apartment on new Caprica....

Leoben: Toast, jelly, even some peanut butter.

Leoben: Heavenly father, we thank you for the bounty of this table…

Kara: I need a knife.

Kara: Thank you.
Leoben: You're welcome.

Leoben: Frakkin' insurgents.

Leoben: You look... so lovely tonight.

Kara: *stabs*

Kara: *eats*


Leoben: Hi, honey, I'm home. You kill me, I download, I come back, we start over. Five times now.

Leoben: I'm trying to help you, Kara. I o­nly want you to see the truth of your life. The reason why you suffered and you struggled for so long. That's why God sent me to you. That's why God wants us to be together. All right?
Kara: You're right. You're right. And I hear you. I do. So thank you.

Kara: Thank you for putting up with me. I'm so sorry.
Leoben: Put it down, Kara. Just put it down.

Leoben: I'm a patient man.
Kara: You're not a man.
Leoben: I'm willing to wait. You just need more time.

Kara: I don't need more frakkin' time. It's never gonna happen.
Leoben: Of course it's gonna happen. You're gonna hold me in your arms, you're gonna embrace me, you're gonna tell me that you love me. I've seen it.
Kara: You're insane.
Leoben: To know the face of God is to know madness.

Leoben: I'm going to bed. Be nice if you joined me. Either way, you're spending the night with me. *points to old body* I do love you, Kara Thrace. Good night.

Kara: Let me out! Let me out of here! I don't belong here! Let me out! Let me out!

ETA: Part 2 is here. Warning: contains a big spoiler for the season three finale.

(BTW my computer is still broken. I'm on [livejournal.com profile] vaudevilles' one. My computer still seems to be able to run Photoshop properly, but that's about it. The good news is that if all goes well I may have a new (to me) computer very soon.)
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