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Here's part two of [livejournal.com profile] china_shop's and my re-enactment of Kara/Leoben scenes from BSG season three with toasters and llamas.

Part one (contains spoilers for BSG 3.01-3.04)

Warning: part two contains a major spoiler for the season three finale. It also contains many many pictures.

Back in the apartment on New Caprica....

Leoben: It's been a couple of ugly days. I know you don't care about that, but life means something to us. So I've decided to show you just how precious life can be. How even in the worst of times, it can restore your faith.

Leoben: Remember that breeding farm o­n Caprica?
Kara: I remember I blew the frak out of the place.
Leoben: It wasn't a total loss. We were able to salvage certain things. Certain medical samples. Like your ovary.

Kara: What's that?
Leoben: This is Kacey. Kacey, this is Kara. Your mother.

Kacey: Hi.
Leoben: Good girl.

Leoben: o­nce I fertilized your egg, we transferred it to a human woman who carried it to term. She was pretty, funny. Great smile. You would've liked her. Although her birth mother died during childbirth, Kacey's heart never faltered. I guess she gets that will to live from you. I've seen her path. It's difficult, but rewarding. She'll know the mind of God in this lifetime. She'll see patterns that others do not see. She probably got such spiritual clarity from me.

Leoben: She'll be hungry soon. There's food o­n the table. You wouldn't let your own child starve, would you?
Kara: It's not my child. I don't even know if it's human.
Leoben: Half-human. And you know that she's yours. You just won't admit it.

Kara: Where the frak are you going? Take this with you. Hey! Don't leave me alone with this.

Kara: Frak!

Kara: Frak!

Kacey: *thump, squawk*

Kara: Kacey?

Leoben: Kara?

Kara: Lords, please don't take her life. It was my mistake. Don't punish her for it.
Leoben: It was an accident, Kara. Nothing more.

Kara: Kacey? Kacey, oh, my Gods. Honey.

Kara: That doesn't look so bad.

Kara: There's something that I wanted to say to you. I'm sorry that I left you alone. I didn't mean for you to get hurt. I was upset with myself. And not you, okay?

Kacey: *nods*
Kara: Uh... grown-ups do stupid things sometimes. We get... caught up in our own little world until it's almost too late.
Kacey: *smiles*
Kara: You have no idea what I'm saying to you, do you? Okay. Time to take a nap.

Kara: What's going on?
Leoben: Insurgents. I'll be back.

Kara: You cannot leave us trapped in here.
Leoben: It's safest for you here.

Kara: No!

Anders: Kara? Oh, Gods, no. No.

Anders: Oh! I'm gonna get you out of here. I'm gonna get you out of here.

Kara: Put me down!!
Anders: Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Shh, shh, shh! Kara, Kara, shh!

Kara: Is it really you?
Anders: Baby, it's really me. But listen, we don't have time. We're going to the ships, and we're gonna get the hell off this frakkin' planet.
Kara: Okay. Where's Kacey?
Anders: Who's Kacey?
Kara: Kacey, she's my daughter.

Anders: Kara, who's Kacey?
Kara: She's my daughter!

Anders: Kara! Kara, no! Godsdamn it, Kara, no!

Kara: Kacey! Kacey! Kacey, honey, where are you? Kacey --

Leoben: I knew you'd be back. I saw it.

Kara: Give me Kacey.
Leoben: Say the words.
Kara: Let me take her.

Leoben: Say them.
Kara: What words?

Leoben: You know what I want. I want to hear you say them. And I want the rest of it. Just like I told you.
Kara: Fine. I love you.

Leoben: Say it again.
Kara: I love you.
Leoben: Now the rest.

Kara: Was it everything you thought it would be?
Leoben: That and more. I'll never forget this moment.
Kara: Neither will I.

Kara: *stabs*

Kara: I'll explain later. Let's move.

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